For the last couple of years, International Fur Federation has promoted FURNOW, a worldwide campaign about the latest fur products and trends. This year, instead of choosing the large well known brands, the London based Federation chose 8 young creative minds from all over the world to represent the new generation of fur.

We are very excited and proud that Alexandros Kotoulas, the creative director of ALEXQUISITE, was one of those young talents picked for this campaign. His fur bags appeal to many in the industry. His fur accessories were showcased in last year’s FURNOW campaign.

Since early in his career Alexandros, has always maintained a trend of creating luxurious accessories (like the one-of-the-kind fur tote bag of the last year’s FurNow campaign) to promote trustworthiness and durability. His products are meticulously crafted in Athens, by artisans with high work standards with decades of experience.

Growing up in Kastoria, still the Mecca of fur craftsmanship for centuries, Alexandros had always been surrounded by skilled craftsmen in his family’s traditional fur workshop. This inspiration continues to follow him today.

After his studies in The Netherlands, Alexandros returned to his native country and more specifically to his home town in order to attend several seminars and workshops about the complex industry of fur. He believes it is very important for a designer to understand the way animals are farmed especially as nowadays there can be a lot of misleading information.

The pelting, dressing and dyeing of fur is crucial to the final product but he excels in the design, sewing and selling of his product. “As an accessories designer, all this knowledge has brought me confidence in how I can use fur as one of my main materials on my collections” he states. “At the same time I am well prepared and eager to explain the positive aspects to people who may not understand that fur is one of the most sustainable materials in fashion.

Having the privilege to be a designer, I take advantage of my position to start robust dialogue within the industry and with my clients or colleagues to challenge established notions about fur and to ensure that everyone knows that it is a natural choice as a fabric.”